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“We came into this world so that we could meet. We didn’t realize it ourselves, but that was the purpose of us coming here. We faced all kinds of complications – things that didn’t make sense, things that defied explanation. Weird things, gory things, sad things. And sometimes, even beautiful things. We were asked to make a vow, and we did. We were forced to go through hard times, and we made it.”

– Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

Happy New Years!

Goodbye 2011, and Hello 2012. This year went by faster than I thought. It seem as if it was just yesterday I was celebrating 2010(so cliche). In less than a couple hours, it’ll be a new year. This year has complied with such rebellious, impulse, rational decisions made this year but no regrets. All the trouble, the yelling, the put downs and the make ups, has tested me more than any year prior. It was a good year yet a struggling one. Now, it has come to end.

As much as I hate to see 2011 go, I can’t wait till 2012 to come. I want to make new wonderful memories with my love ones. Bring on the adventures.