Uphill Climb: Taylor Lake

So, since last week snowshoeing plans fell through because it conflicted with the Lunar New Year’s Celebration. Curtis and I decided to travel up to Lake Louise on Friday. Little did I know, that this hike trail, one up on difficulties compare to our last snowshoeing experience. WELLLLLL ok, it wasn’t a difficult trail but it felt like a non-stop uphill (mountain) climb for me.

I thought I was ready for this hike. I had altered my workout plan, bought my very first winter boots and mentally prepared myself.  Once, we arrived to the location, I was all geared up, all snacked up and already mentally ready to conquer this trail but my boots and legs had something else in mind. Along the way up, I managed to get two blisters, one on each heel (I guess I didn’t break in my boots well). This made the rest of the hike a bit annoying and painful for me. Every step was a bit of a struggle and I ended  up feeling exhausted and miserable. Seeing how miserable I was, Curtis decided to take a lunch break and head back down. We never made it to the lake. For SHAME! On the way  back down, I ended up getting a shooting pain in my right calf. *Shake fist* Falling to the ground and screaming for Curtis, my boyfriend had to come back and help me stretch out my calf from cramping even more.

So my luck on this hike was not that greatest. Two blisters, a muscle cramp, a bleeding nail bed (which I found out when I came home) and body soreness. Aside from all the mishaps, I still had a wonderful time. I was able to pulled through better, definitely need improvement still but I am surprised I didn’t completely KO’d after 15 minutes of snow shoeing (ahem* like I did last time)

Curtis had a bit of fun tweeting (Abed and Troy’s style) our snowshoeing hike.


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