I have post traveling syndrome.

Ok. It’s been months since my summer travels to Italy and I finally got around to editing some photos. (…I know, I procrastinate to the extreme) . Going through all the photos, it made me realizes how much I miss the wonderful memories I had in Italy. I miss the sun beaming down on me and making me all crispy brown. I miss the unique food and sweets. I miss the chill but fun atmosphere of the small town, I stayed at. I miss the friendly community, something I should have taken advantage of because Calgary may seem like a nice city but it`s nothing compare to Rionero. Blech! I miss Italy in general. I think I have post traveling syndrome. haha Every since my summer travels, I have been bitten with the travel bug and I want to travel to all sorts of places. If only I wasn`t so poor…

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.


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