I’m a closet doodle-er and it’s my time to come out.

I’ve been a doodle-er since grade 1, from what I can remember. I use to doodle all over my notebook that was given out in class. Instead of practicing on perfecting my ABC’s. I drew stick people, flowers and cookies. Sometimes, stick people eating flowers and cookies, I was a weird kid back then.

I have never shown people my doodles and lately, my boyfriend been harassing that I should start a blog, post a whole bunch of my doodles/drawing and see how things goes from there. Basically, sharing what I enjoy to do. haha

Where here it goes. My first post of my doodles…..in action.


I have post traveling syndrome.

Ok. It’s been months since my summer travels to Italy and I finally got around to editing some photos. (…I know, I procrastinate to the extreme) . Going through all the photos, it made me realizes how much I miss the wonderful memories I had in Italy. I miss the sun beaming down on me and making me all crispy brown. I miss the unique food and sweets. I miss the chill but fun atmosphere of the small town, I stayed at. I miss the friendly community, something I should have taken advantage of because Calgary may seem like a nice city but it`s nothing compare to Rionero. Blech! I miss Italy in general. I think I have post traveling syndrome. haha Every since my summer travels, I have been bitten with the travel bug and I want to travel to all sorts of places. If only I wasn`t so poor…

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

It’s That Time Of The Year!

So, thanksgiving and halloween has passed and that could mean only one thing. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! (and many winter birthdays)….*sigh* I am going to be so poor. For some odd reason, I am extremely excited this year for the upcoming winter events. Possibly because 1) I’m not stressing over school 2) I’m not stressing over personal matters 3) I’m not stressing as much. hahaha Well, I’m stressing about work and finding a full-time job but aside that, I can’t wait to spend time with my hun, the family and close friends.


My winter to do list: (I do this annually)

– Make a Christmas list; budget and shop, shop, shop!

– Spend time with the family

– Relax with my boyfriend

– Spend time with close friends

– Set up the Christmas tree and decor

– Bake a lot of treats

– Intake a lot of treats (while maintaining my workout plan)

– Start on scrap booking and crafts

– Doodle more

– Dress up and attend a fancy Christmas/new years dinner

– Build a snowman and make snow angels

– Learn to skate (past attempts were a fail)


– Spend the afternoon at a coffee shop


– Dinner with my two special girls

– Day trip to banff or lake louise

– Plan something special for the mister

…. other suggestion that i should do?