I commit to be FIT

It probably been 7 years since I lasted did any physical activities or sport. Sad? I know. Luckily, I’m blessed with a high metabolism and takes a good effort to gain some weight. Even though, I may look like I am in good shape, I have  been getting a couple of health issues.

So, I believe it’s time to start doing something about my health. I want to be committed to working out daily and eating MORE, healthier food.

Reasons why I want to become fit:

  • to feel healthy.
  • to prove to myself, that I am strong.
  • to have the body I always wanted.
  • to be able to climb ANY mountain.
  • to hate putting on clothes because I look better naked.
  • to be other’s people’s reasons to be fit.
  • to have the discipline to not give up.
  • to run for 20 mins. withoug breaking a sweat.
  • to be able to enjoy running.
  • to outrun the zombies.
  • to be confident enough to run  in only a sport bra and shorts.
  • to be able to sell tickets to the gun show.
  • to be that crazy person running in the middle of winter.
  • to set goals that are out of your reach, only to find out that you can exceed them.
  • to fight heart disease.
  • to change the perspectrive of myself, mentally and physically.
  • to feel your mescles quiver – in a good way.
  • to motivate my family to live healthier lives.
  • to have the self confidence I’ve always lacked.

  • because this clears my mind.
  • beacuse this is a stress outlet.
  • beacuse it’s time for a change in my life.
  • beacuse my body will seriously thank me in the long run.
  • beacuse I want to be strong healthy and happy.
  • because I want to believe when someone calls me “beautiful”.
  • because … why the hell not?



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